A tribute to NOICE

What does EASY ACTION have in common with members of CRASHDIET, KING DIAMOND, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, HAMMERFALL and teenage heartthrob JOHAN PALM? The answer is that they are all part of the tribute album to NOICE that Grizzly and Micael fished just days before Micael passed away in May 2011.

The 17 track album "Bedårande barn av vår tid" will be released on iTunes on May 1:st, and it was two years in the making.

"It was spawned out of frustration from me and Micael, because the new Easy Action album was progressing so slowly. We did this instead, as a tribute to the band that started it all and was such a huge influence on us as kids." sais Björn "Grizzly" Höglund.

"We asked a bunch of our friends to join us, and they all tagged along. The list of guest appearances is long. It was two years of blood, sweat, tears and laughter. Like any day with Micael. I wish he could be here today to see this thing through, but I am so glad that he got to hear the album before he left us. He was very proud of it, and so am I".

So is NOICE original member Peo Thyrén (a.k.a Alex Tyrone in the original line up of Easy Action) who also appears on the new album. "If you enjoy the original NOICE-songs, you´re gonna love this!" sais Peo in the 15 minute documentary about the project that will be released two weeks before the album is launched.

More info will follow shortly.

Postat av: Lena

Underbart! Jag var Noicefreak och nu få höra Johan igen med en av mina favorit Noicelåtar gud så kul!!! jag saknar killen!

2012-06-19 @ 08:04:30

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